“The Business Equalizer”

The Ultimate Cheat Code For Building a Business Like The Big Dogs

The hidden 'fast-forward' button to get bookuu clients in your business.


7:49pm, Thursday night, Maya’s Mexican Grill, Boston

Maya was praying for them to leave but she knew they wouldn’t. Not without getting what they came for...

The bigger one gestures for her to come closer.

“Ven aqui.”

Maya tremors as she hands him an envelope.

He replies with a devilish grin.

“You see? You pay on time, no more problems.”

He snatches the envelope and hands it to his partner, “Let’s go.”

Tears run down her cheeks as Maya accepts her fate...

That no matter what she does, she’s trapped in the “Make Money & Lose It” loop forever. 

This scene from The Equalizer introduces The Business Equalizer for 2 reasons. 

1. A bunch of our fellow hustlers are trapped in the same “Make Money & Lose It” loop as Maya.

2. And second, in the movie, the “Equalizer” is a butt-punchin’ vigilante who helps Maya get payback on those dickheads.

But in this 3-part series, the “Equalizer” is a cheat code that helps amateur hustlers get paid like the big dogs. 

The “Make Money & Lose It” loop had everyone trapped at some point...

• As the new kid we get pressured to drink the goo-roo Kool-Aid

• We buy a bunch of tools & courses

• Then drown in a slip ‘n slide of sorrow when nothing works like expected.

If that’s you right now, my bad.

I’m on your side and I wanna make it better.

Not because I’m a wish-granting genie (at least I don’t think I am?).

But because I’ve been there.

Stuck in the loop of buying, trying, and crying.

Years wasted.

Thousands of Benjamins down the gutter.

That’s why I wanna make you feel better with giggles and bhiz hacks.

The Business Equalizer is the bee’s knees when it comes to super-sizing your business.

“No effin’ way!” said Captain Skeptic.

“You’d sell it if it was that good!”

I get it broski.

I’m supposed to make you fork over a fake email.

• Sell a $7 tripwire that tease you with lazy riches.

• Then upsell you on gobbledygook you don’t need so I can make boatloads of cash.

That’s what the big dogs do right?

Yeah they all do that.

And it does work.

But let me ask you something...

Aren’t you here because you’re looking for something different?

Because you’ve seen all this wizardry before… You know what to do and how it works… But yet...

You aren’t you swimmin’ laps in a pool of gold doubloons are you?

Know why?

Because being the new guy means you play ball in a different arena.

The one where ain’t nobody got time, money, or manpower to master every marketing tactic.

The Business Equalizer will make anyone, even a skeptical sea captain, a money-makin’ mogul without having to be a smoke ‘n mirrors magician.

Like the day you discovered Thai food, you’re gonna love this.

Use The Business Equalizer to sit at the big dog table with peeps who use it in their business too.

Peeps like Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, and Russell Brunson.

(There’s also every Shark on Shark Tank and thousands of other 6 and 7-figure hustlers who use it with perfection. But who’s counting?)

You’ll get all the know-how to do it all yourself. 

And while I’m giving you this for free, know that people are paying between $10,000 - $36,000 to get this.

So hang onto your butts.

The Business Equalizer will make your business easier, get you clients, and let you charge more where people will gladly pay (because they’ll know you as the absolute best in your industry).

And believe it or not it’ll even make you tacos.

Okay that last one was my stomach talking.

Still interested? 


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