“Content Is King... Or Is It?”

Challenging The Status Quo

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In 2011 I wrote a blog post about trading millions of buku buckeroos for a $5 Wal-Mart gift card.

It was more like strongarm thievery than an actual trade...

The short story is I saved my company millions in expenses and got company shares, a 1-month paid holiday, and a new office for all my efforts.

Psh. Yeah right.

They gave me a $5 Wal-Mart gift card.

Whoopty freakin’ doo!

That’s sarcasm by the way.

Looking back I’m happy they did that.

Not because I traded that $5 gift card for a burrito.

But because I’d never have realized that I was a peanut being fed to the corporate gorilla. 

I quit that job.

Vented about it in my blog (which doesn’t exist anymore because I got bored with it).

And shared the post on Facebook.

That’s where it picked up ‘meme-like’ virality.

I’m talkin’ likes, comments, shares, and random DMs from peeps saying they wanted to quit their jobs too.

I like to think my content’s gotten better since 2011. 

Shoot I hope so.

But today, even with my stuff being 10x more polished than before, it’s 100x harder to get any traction.


I’ll tell ya.

Content’s great because of things like:

• Demonstrating expertise

• Building relationships

• SEO (yuck)

• Showing how you’re different

• Blah blah blah

For all the good that content does for a business, it can also sink it.

Especially if you follow in everyone’s footsteps.

• They swallow the red pill and buy into the idea of making content.

• They preach the same recycled messages while reasoning that, “Content Is King! Har har! Hee hee! Ho ho!”

• They plan their topics, set a schedule, and post new stuff every week.

But what happens next?

They’re bored after a month because the Results Train never makes it to the station.

(That’s my story and thousands of people share it with me.)

Because how many blogs, channels, and podcasts have you seen where the last update was eleventy months ago?

Too many, right?

3 Reasons Why No One’s Lovin’ On Your Content

1. Everyone’s doing the same thing.

Remember when you needed a journalism degree to publish an article? 

Neither do I.

Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, blogs, or a public bathroom…

Everyone and their momma’s already posting similar content and people are bored of it.

2. Your content is like a needle in the haystack, stuffed in a barn with a million other haystacks.

Nonstop Google changes.

A sea of recycled sameness. 

Greedy ass Facebook. 

Forced creativity.

Mind-numbing repetitiveness. 


Do I need to keep going?

3. Everyone has a shorter attention span.

You only have 6 seconds to… 

Uhm what was I talking about again?

In the end, technology is both the hero and villain for content.

• Hero because it lets anyone publish whatever they want.

• Villain because anything you post gets lost in the noise.

So is content still king?

I guess.

But our behavior is different where your content better be damn good to have any staying power.

The good news is there’s a sneaky way to use technology to your advantage (hint hint).

Ready for more?

Let’s keep the party going.