You’ve *Already* Got Everything You Need To Build Your Business… All Up In Your Wig Piece!

MAR 20, 2020. SAN DIEGO, CA

Okay… So you prob’ly don’t wear a wig but let’s be honest…

“All up in your wig piece” is more fun than just saying, “all in your head.” (Also considered were “dome cap” and “brain cave.”)

Hi I’m Jay Magpantay.

Hello again =)

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009. 

I sucked at it for most years… But in 2017, super fun things started to happen (more that in a minute).  

Before I serve the deets about what I do, just as important to know are the things I don’t do:

  • No vague cheerleading, telling you to #hustle 24/7 or pumping you up as a bonafide badass (even though you might be).

  • No wasting your time with a million tactics that don’t work (but the gurus keep teaching anyway).

  • No *hella extra* talk about making 10k a day, living that laptop lifestyle, or cashin’ checks by the poolside (excuse me as I clean up my vomit).

The hard part of any business is that the “gurus” don’t want us to win, they just want what’s in our pockets.  

I got sucked into playing their game (to the tune of $100k+ down the gutter) until I realized…   

All the gurus sell the same thing. A bunch of time-consuming tactics that don’t leave us room to work on our core business.

Like a chef who cooks all day but doesn’t have time for dinner. 

Shoot… I wanted to eat. I love to eat.  

But instead of scarfin’ down burritos, the gurus cuffed me to the treadmill of crying, trying, and buying.

Oh they got me good.

Here’s how I *finally* got my grub on…

I met a businessman who asked what I did for a living. I told him I was in digital marketing and he asked if I published a book yet. 

I laughed… and not like a giggle.  

But a mouth-open-food-falls-out laugh that was super inappropriate.

*Ahem* My bad.

“Sooooo… A book huh? Why would I write a book?”

He said writing a book would brand me as an expert, hater-proof my credibility, and get my perfect clients looking for me (instead of me looking for them). 


This dude was about 60. Mega-successful. And spending all his free time wooing the ladies in his Roadster. 

At the time I was 33. Barely surviving (struggling). And still not finding time to snack on a biscuit. 

So I listened. 

I wrote a book.  

Sprinkled on a clever promotion.

And he was right! 

Writing a book opened a gazillion doors I never knew existed.

Easy-peasy sales. Speaking events. Partnerships.

Yup! Glad I know now.

The age of trying to “figure it out” was gone… And the crispy era of tacos & pizza reigned supreme. 

Here’s the honest-to-goodness, straight-up truth I found after trying everything in the playbook…  

You need to write a book. 

It doesn’t even hafta be a bestseller.

You just need a book, period

I used to say, “Build a webinar, pay for traffic, sell something high-ticket.”  

But now I just tell entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, freelancers & others) to write books that get clients for their business. 


Because it’s 100x easier!

Like I said...

You *already* have everything all up in your wig piece.

No need to learn new things about marketing (funnels, copywriting, Fakebook ads). No need to hire a team. No need to grind it out on a production line of never-ending content.   

Just write a book that helps people.

That’s it. 

Hide the nachos cuz here’s where I come in.

By mixing my love for digital marketing with the undeniable leverage a book gives you…

I help peeps reach levels they thought were reserved for “other” people. 

Here’s why this is totally different.

You don’t need results. You don’t need time. You don’t need to be a writer.

Only excuses can stop you because if you let me help you…

You’ll never go hungry as the proud owner of:

  • a book you love,
  • a book that loves you back,
  • and a business that grows without you even trying. 

If you don’t think that’s possible…

All good. Do what you like.

Just know that of the 8 billion people on the planet...

Thousands (if not more) can and want to learn from what you know already.


A book grew my list. Got me clients. Sold my info-products. Got me on podcasts. Got me teaching seminars to huge crowds.

(It didn’t help me grow hair. Still bald. Oh well.)  

But it’s your turn now.

Sitting around and waiting to make a difference is lame.

Sitting down because you’re exhausted from making a difference? That’s awesome.

So do the write thing.

Write a book so you can make a difference.

(Like you wanted to do in the first place).

If you want to know if you have the ingredients to get published...

Tap the magic button below to start The Business Equalizer course (totally free, no email needed).

In the course you’ll discover:

  • Why a book is the only content you need.

  • How anyone can write a book in no time at all.

  • My specific steps for using the book to grow your business.

Ready to get started?

Whatever you decide, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing about you, your recipe for business, and of course, your new book when it’s ready.

Peace, Love, & Hungry References, 

Jay’s “All Good” Magpantay

Author of the books, Live Free & Retire Young and The Write Way To Sell  


Btw, you can’t catch bald so you never hafta wear a wig piece ever.


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