Your “One-Stop Shop” approach is killin’ your bhizness

Bet ‘chur doin’ too much, aren’t you?

(If you’re not doing then you’re planning)…

For example, I spoke with 3 clients on Saturday who were all DOING way too much (or PLANNING to do too much)…

I get it, partner, you’re a good-hearted hustler with a lot to offer, right?

And you can serve your people on so many different levels… 

If they want X – you offer X.
If they want Y – you offer Y.
If they want Z – you offer Z.

You can deliver on XYZ and any other symbol in the alphanumeric library of Q’s and U’s but guess what that does? 

You become a jack of all trades and an expert at none.

What you wanna do instead is – be the Ace.

Skip all the squiggly curves and criss-crossed lines and aim to be the expert at just ONE thing.

Once you become the expert at ONE thing, follow up and sell – just ONE thing.

Then, when they buy that ONE thing, now feel free to sell them your other stuff…

Make sense? 

I’m tellin’ ya,this so you’ll stop runnin’ circles around your laptop and get to freedom faster than a speeding ticket…

(One of those good-hearted hustlers I talked to on Saturday had this to say after our conversation).

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