"If you're looking for someone to coach you, someone to show you how to build an online business, how to get traffic, how to sell online and earn an income, I can't recommend Jay enough, he gets my highest endorsement.

Whatever you need to do to work with him, reach out to him and get started with him, he'll show you how to do really well in this business."

Matt Lloyd, Founder & CEO, Mobe


"If you're looking to either start, grow, or scale an online business and you have the opportunity to work with Jay on a personal one-on-one basis, I'd encourage you to reach out to him.

A simple phone conversation with him will give you clarity on what the next thing to do in your business is, and he'll be able to introduce you, no doubt, to all the resources, and the people and the programs that you're gonna need to access if you're serious about making an income online and turning that into a full time business.

I can't endorse or recommend Jay highly enough."

Drew Innes, Founder, Online Alliance

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1 Daneil Paez Lozano

"Less than 10 days after implementing what Jay told us, we hit over 10k our first month then 15k our next month.

All this after just ONE conversation.

To be fair, we've been chatting with Jay now for over a year so we've made big strides in other areas, but it seems that every single time we talk, the exchange of knowledge gets bigger and bigger each time.

Thanks for everything Jay."

Daniel Paez Lozano & Gia Suarez, Founders, Hacked Tu Vida

1 Joel Carino

"Copy and paste - that's all I did to make $1,740 in just one day and I'm still shocked about it.

I don't know how you do it Jay, but you're really good at this stuff.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial man, you're awesome!"

Joel Carino

1 Marco-Reeves

"Getting conversions and making sales are what make your business successful and Jay's helped so much for me with that. It's so much easier to close sales when people come find you (not the other way around) and it's this knowledge that's completely changed my life.

I quit my job in Melbourne and now I'm traveling the world, working 100% from my laptop.

I owe a lot of that to Jay because no matter the issue, he's always there to help me. I'm happy to call him a friend and brother."

Marco Reeves, Founder, Control Catalysts

1 Jasmine Cheah

"Jay is amazing! Building a business online is so confusing sometimes but he breaks it down so I can understand easily.

The system he shares with people literally puts thousands (if not already millions) of dollars into peoples accounts and I'm feeling NOW more excited than ever!"

Jasmine Cheah

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"The knowledge he gives you is PERFECT. Everything that you need, every question that you have, he’ll answer it for you.

A lot of content that we learned today and I definitely recommend and refer him any day any time. Knowledgeable to the MAX!"

Marketing Team, 9010 Brand


"I have been working on my business and helping clients on a one on one basis, Jay has shared with me the power of the internet - how I can leverage the internet to grow my client base as well as grow my business to reach more people."

Curtis Banks, Author, The Book On Money Management


"I was just realizing that I was racing and spinning and making things super difficult for myself!

I was like, "How am i gonna do this online business thing, none of it has even worked..."

As I was talking to Jay I realized, "Oh my gosh there's a reason why this hasn't worked and it's because I made things so complicated and so difficult"

And after having a conversation with Jay, I have so much clarity, I have so much hope, and I'm just excited about the future again.


Patrick Wu, The Wooist


"After talking to him today, honestly, it's an eye opener. There's a lot to the social network world that I'm not familiar with and he opened my eyes a lot. Being able to reach more people instead of just in California is huge for me.

The stuff he gave me today, honestly, I'm so excited."

Jane Robles, Network Marketing Pro

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"If you have any questions or concerns, I'll definitely say get in contact with Jay.

He's a very friendly and approachable person.

I know I still get in contact with him when I'm struggling with my business or when I come along an obstacle I'm not too sure about and he's very prompt in getting back to you and giving you the best possible solution.

So definitely approach him if you have any questions."

Kalpna Suthar, Author, Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover


"He's very passionate, very detailed and thorough. I really appreciate that because he's a good listener.

Upon him listening to whatever direction or thoughts on how you wanna run your business or where you wanna get to in your business, he gives you feedback that's right on point as far as how to make it grow and give you a well foundation that you can have a base to grow and progress.

Grateful for the opportunity and experience.

If you have the opportunity to meet with Jay, the wealth of resources he has available to you, take advantage of it.

It's worth all the while."

Teresa Black

1 Geoff Dylan

"All I can say is WOW.

Every single time I need help, you amaze me with your knowledge and your willingness to share it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review my campaign, strapping rocket boosters to it, and launching it into outer space.

You're the man!"

Geoff Dylan, Owner, Tech Forex

1 David Pipe

"In our brief encounter, (10 minute phone conversation) Jay gave me advice that was not only relevant and effective for my business, but it changed the way I approach all business going forward for the better.

Things happen so much faster than when you try to do things by yourself. Thanks Jay."

David Pipe, Founder, Stage X

1 Nena S

"Thank you for all the info and for pouring your energy! You are awesome. SO extremely proud of you! And in awe of your love and passion."

Nena S. Chhoum, Network Marketing Pro

1 Robby Delgado

"I learn so much from Jay's coaching sessions.

Whether it's finding a proper traffic source for my landing page or giving me tricks to increase conversions on the landing page itself, his advice is a savior.

Everyone should have a coach and mentor and I'm happy to say that Jay is mine.

Your help has helped me make great strides in a short time and I couldn't of done it without your help jay - Robby Delgado"

Robby Delgado

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"Jay is a guy who's genuinely passionate about what he's doing.

He genuinely helps people. You can see it when he helps you, he really means it.

I'm so grateful and thankful that I met Jay because he shed light on life in general [a marketing coaching session turned into a session about chasing passion vs chasing money]

But still, he has more experience than I have therefore what I can say he is genuinely passionate about what he's doing, which is helping others out."

Schaschwin Schonauer