My 33rd Birthday, Greetings From The Great Wall


I just spent my 33rd birthday (on March 20) in Beijing this year and took a visit to the Great Wall of China.

It didn’t disappoint – there’s something about being on a structure that’s been around since before the year 0000…

And when you’re on one of the world’s ancient wonders, it humbles you –

All the struggles and hardships of life fade away because when you’re reminded how short life is…

You realize it’s a waste to spend time on anything that’s not productive…

Here’s a short video I recorded for you from the Great Wall…

My life is truly blessed and it’s what I hope for everyone: to have the courage and resiliency to go for it all.

Let me ask you a controversial question, what does Freedom mean for you?

  • Traveling the world and running a business from anywhere?
  • Earning money for bills and a lot extra for a luxurious lifestyle?
  • Having a dependable team so all you have to do is guide your business?
  • Or is it having courses and books that sell themselves?

For you it might be all those things and if they are… FUCKING GO FOR IT!

The biggest thing going against you is your very own brain…

  • Your brain doesn’t think that you deserve it…
  • That it’s not possible…
  • That you need experience first…
  • Or that you’re not good enough…

A word of caution for the rest of this post: I’m gonna pull “a secret”…

You gotta believe in yourself and step into that person who has all the things you want already.

If you need to be a Cyborg Terminator to relentlessly chase your dreams then you better conjure up your inner Schwarzenegger because that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Do you remember when you were playing ball in the courts?

Think about this, when you would drive into the lane, would you sometimes shout out loud, “Jordan!”

When we’re playing a sport like basketball we often call on our idols and pretend to be them so we can perform, you know what I’m talking about, right?

As hokey-pokey as this sounds, it’s pretty much what you gotta do for yourself.

Remove yourself from your brain and temporarily (pretend to) use someone else’s.

If you wanna be a CEO, think about what kind of decisions a CEO would make then do them without hesitation, don’t talk yourself out of it.

This is all true and possible – Your dream life is possible – Freedom is possible.

You just gotta get out of your own way.


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