Jayeasy leads the charge against stuck-up stupid-studs

In our insta-know era, the wanna-be goo-roo’s are working way too hard to prove their superhero status:

You know these guys already:

They talk without listening.
Criticise advice from folks smarter than they are.
Send verbal wreckin’-balls to any accomplishments that you (or others) enjoy.

But as Nick Foles just put on display during the playoffs and Superbowl – rah-rah leadership isn’t about secretly shoulder-bumping the top guy off the pedestal and sneakily putting yourself in their place…

Instead, my good-hearted hustler, it’s about action.

It’s about gettin’ your hands dirty while you lift others in the process.

That’s what inspires:

“I think the big thing that helped me was knowing that I didn’t have to be Superman. I have amazing teammates, amazing coaches around me. And all I had to do was just go play as hard as I could, and play for one another, and play for those guys.”

Do what’s right for your hustle and I’ll do what’s right for mine ā€” while sharing what I’m doing in the process.

In my latest post, I shared the results of my latest campaign and what I’m doin’ to scale my business to $100k a month by the end of the year (end of July if I’m lucky)…

(Hint: the results weren’t as expected)

Am I ashamed to share this?

Not to my community I’m not.

As long as it inspires someone else, I’m good. I’m willing to take a few jabs so I can land the haymaker, feel me?

So join me in the community before I close entry in the next few days.

Here’s the link for you to mousepound: Live Free League of Hustlers

(I know the name might sound corny to some and if that’s you, find a Phazebook goo-roo whose got a “professional” tone b’cuz that ain’t me!).

Wishing you forever Peace & Progress,

Jay D. Magpantay
Author of the Book, Live Free & Retire Young and Author of the Upcoming Book, Branded Bestseller

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