Jayeasy gives away Instagram hearts for free?

Social is NOT the medium you should focus on…

Unless you wanna be King DewDew on Pewp Mountain, vanity metrics like follower count are total waste of time…

But does that mean you should stay off social?

I didn’t say that…

All I’m sayin’ is that you should focus on list-building ‘cuz social is for engaging while email is for selling…


League of Hustlers member Jun Carino asked this last night:

“Jay, Im about to launch a new product for my clothing line. What’s an example of a decent viral marketing campaign using IG? I can only imagine just posting pictures of the product promoting it up till its release.”

And my slick reply to this social media inquisition?

A super-steezy strategy that broke a dorm-room duo’s bhizness for selling too much…

Hint: it involves a “self-induced” viral marketing campaign that anyone can do for FREE

I’m posting my video reply tomorrow, join the group to get it

Wishing you forever Peace & Progress,

Jay D. Magpantay
Author of the Book, Live Free & Retire Young and Author of the Upcoming Book, Branded Bestseller


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