How To Form Your Own Superhero “Justice League”


At the premiere of DC’s Justice League last week, I high-fived the film’s biggest heroes as they got onto the red carpet:

  • Superman
  • Cyborg
  • Aquaman
  • Wonderwoman
  • Flash
  • (Only missed Batman [Ben Affleck])

While the premiere itself was pretty cool, the movie itself was even better…

(No spoilers I promise)

If you’re an action movie fan like me, then the plot won’t surprise you:

– a supervillain comes out of the shadows and proves too powerful for one hero to conquer
– so several heroes must band together to form a team
– there are severe growing pains as the team members get used to each other
– then they figure out a way to work in harmony as each settles and focuses on their own assignments

Of course, you know I gotta use this as an analogy for business because most entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves.

A perfect example is me.

My first business was a t-shirt printing business that I grew out of my parent’s backyard and into a fully industrial workshop with automation.

I grew that business on my own – I did everything in that business and I found myself working around 12-15 hour days.

Business growth came fast and quick, yet it wasn’t sustainable.

In less than a year after my quick expansion, the business fell.

I failed and it was only a few years after that I realized where my mistakes were…

I needed to build a team:

  • Someone to handle logistics (maintain raw goods inventory)
  • Someone to manage operations (transform raw goods to finished products)
  • Someone to make sales and strengthen relationships

The toughest thing for a beginner entrepreneur to do is to let go – it’s your business so you try to do it all on your own, right?

In my case, I could have very easily found someone to help with logistics and operations…

Sales, on the other hand, take a different type of person – I should have stuck to that instead of trying to do it all alone…

So stick to what you’re good at and bring in some reinforcements to help you when you need it.

That’s the only way to conquer a supervillain.


Thank God It’s Monday,

Jay D. Magpantay



Oh and just for fun:

Justice League is a fun movie for anyone who loves:

a) superhero action movies
b) really sexy superwomen

Everytime Gal Gadot is on the screen, I can’t take my eyes off her.

The same is true in person cuz at the premiere, my eyeballs were burning from not blinking when she walked by haha.

The Flash is one of my new favorite characters, 

and Ben Affleck warms up on you as the latest Batman.

The Cyborg is a confusing character, not enough backstory for you to build a strong relationship with him, 

and it’s nice to see Aquaman (who is a giant man in person) after his short stint as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones…

Nerd life, gotta love it… 



Stay until the end of the credits =)​​​​

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