How To Become A “Spartan” In Your Business

With the 2017 NFL season kicking off this past weekend,

I find myself giving ZERO thoughts to a sport that I used to follow so closely.

Don’t get me wrong, while I still LOVE to play the game,

I’ve simply chosen to focus my energy on other things — like improving my fitness and conquering the first ever Spartan Race in Thailand this weekend,

(which I did as the 21st overall out of 345 participants)…

Spartan Race Thailand was a 4+ mile race with 23 obstacles (classified as a Sprint),

and when I finished I watched tons of elated people smiling for photos because they were so proud of their accomplishments…

The event was widely successful (from my perspective as a customer)

and when I think about this being the first event of its kind in Thailand,

I thought about how the Spartan Race evolved from the States to a now international event that’s taken place in over 50 countries.

Of course, stories of success usually have a base of formidable beginnings…

And the Spartan Race is no different.

The man behind the Spartan Race is Joe De Sena, who didn’t focus on creating a worldwide endurance event but instead focused on building, which was meant to be a hub for fitness extremists who pushed their bodies to the most dangerous limits.

Sounds like an interesting passion project but the business model he chose failed miserably.

With over $300k in monthly expenses, losing employees due to his inability to pay, and his reputation of being a poor investment reaching the far stretches of his community, success for Joe seemed rather bleak, wouldn’t you say?

Yet with the insurmountable odds piled against him, he did what most entrepreneurs fail to do on a regular basis — power through.

Instead of hanging up his entrepreneurship career and settling back into his prior job on Wall Street, he had another idea, a military style endurance event for average to elite fitness enthusiasts…

The idea for Spartan Race didn’t exactly launch into outer space without its own fair share of malfunctions; it was met with heavy resistance.

In a time when the business was struggling for life support, Joe had maxed out his own credit cards, took out personal loans, and practically begged a core staff to stay with him just a few months longer to see the business through…

And guess what happened?

Things worked out.

The company secured funding from a larger group and now had the means to properly market the event and attract new venues.

Reebok got on board to sponsor the event and the Spartan Race is now franchised to over 14 countries including Canada, South Korea, Australia and some European countries.

The event is highly-anticipated and draws of over 1 million participants worldwide each year and is still growing (this past weekend’s event proves that).

Here’s what Joe had to say about building his business from scratch:

“Building a business from scratch is one of the hardest things to do on this planet, keeping a business successful through all the ups and downs is equally as challenging. I have to admit I was unsure [Spartan Race] was going to work, but it’s hard to have rewards in life without risk.”

When it comes to the event itself, much like the beginning stages of any business, it is grueling and extremely challenging…

It’s as unforgiving as business can be, with a brand new obstacle presenting itself immediately after you get over one just 10 seconds earlier.

But as every Spartan Race finisher knows, nothing worth having comes easy — those who have the mental fortitude to keep fighting in the face of adversity are the ones who walk away with the highest prize.

So if your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d hope, or if any goal for that matter is taking longer than expected, know that the for sure way to NEVER get the result you want is to give up.

It’s the easiest option you have but the one that comes with the least rewards…

It’s only when you truly decide to never surrender will you ultimately become successful — only then will you become, a Spartan…

Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!


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