How Business Owners Can Use Halloween To Make More Money

I won’t pretend to know the answer to every Star Wars trivia question,

…but I do love my wookie’s and light sabers.

Like… REAAAAALLY love ’em…

Halloween’s a perfect time for small business owners to showcase their fun sides.

By being festive and taking a break from being a “professional”,

hustlers can actually use the holiday to land more customers.

In my opinion, it’s critical for small business owners to do this…


Because nobody wants to work with a robot without character, do they?

If I wasn’t goofy and always giving you an insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes of my life,

it’s likely I wouldn’t be able to draw in any clients from my e-mail list,

and I definitely wouldn’t get any email replies like this:

  • “Jay you keep it real!”
  • “I wish I could be your friend! You look like an ace!”
  • “That’s so funny bro she jus’ wanted some chicken maaaan!”

Showing your personality and your fun side gets people more comfortable with you.

A lot of hustlers are too nervous about this and prefer to keep their fun side a secret though because they worry that it’ll be “bad for business”,

that people won’t take them seriously.

I don’t know about you, maybe your target clients are stiffs who prefer to keep it strictly business…

But I think for most people, we prefer to hang out with fun folks, don’t we?

That’s why you should ALWAYS dress up for Halloween

That last line was jus’ a joke…

But in all seriousness, have some fun and laugh with the rest of us every now and then =)

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Here’s the girlfriend and I having a deathmatch in the streets of downtown:

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