Chicken And A Biscuit Was “All She Wanted” (A Funny Story Of Humble Beginnings)

A Funny Story

I arrived in San Diego last Thursday and it didn’t take long for my childhood neighborhood to remind me of my humble beginnings…

As I walked out of the Wahlgreen’s pharmacy and into the parking lot, the sun’s heat was beaming down onto the asphalt and being reflected up to my face when I heard:

“Excuse me?”

I didn’t think the squeeky voice was calling to me so I ignored it,


The voice became aggressive. I looked up and squinted into the sun to see a woman with zebra pants, a tattered white shirt, and a black SD hat walking quickly towards me.

She wasn’t an intimidating figure, but her aggressive tone and fast pace had me apprehensive.


“I’m starving. All I want is chicken and a biscuit. Do you have any money for me?”

Whew. False alarm, she just had a case of the munchies.

I don’t typically carry cash with me so I replied,

“No ma’am I’m sorry, I paid with credit”.

I thought that would be the end of it, but without hesitation, she barked back:

“Can you use your credit card to buy me some chicken?”

I’m a pretty generous person. I’ll admit, even to a fault…

But this lady really had some nerve!

For starters, she didn’t exactly approach me in the most friendly way.

And second, for me to get her some food, I would’ve had to walk 30 yards to the Church’s Chicken in 94-degree weather to feed a complete stranger who obviously had money to support her own drug habits (she wreaked of marijuana).

I politely said, “No thank you” then turned to reach into my bag to give her one of my two water bottles but by the time I got it out of my pack, she’d already scampered away, quickly on the hunt for her next customer…

I tell you this story because too many entrepreneurs make a similar mistake – they give up too early.

It was a hot day and I was sympathetic to her munchies situation (heck, munchies are a life/death situation).

And all she had to do was wait 15 more seconds for me to fumble my pack off of my back so I can give her a cold bottle of Fiji water, yet she was gone with the wind.


I’m home for a few weeks and will be holding several workshops for small businesses in the area…

So if you’re in the greater San Diego area and would like to attend for free, send me an email and I’ll be sure to give you the dates and locations as I get them.

So far: Tuesday, November 7, 6:30pm at Skyline Hills Library is locked in.

The flyer is below and the link to register is right here:

Hope to meet with any local San Diegans at the event!

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