Bulletproof Productivity Hacks For Your Best Year Ever

Self-Made Man Podcast by Mike Dillard (with Dave Asprey) First Aired 12/29/2016, run time: 54:13

You have days you feel sharp as a tack and other days you feel so foggy that you can’t even get started.

Other days, you know you’re supposed to be working but instead you’re fartin’ around on Facebook, heart-blastin’ on Instagram, or just overall goofin’ off 90% of the time while working sporadically for 10% of the time.

2 hours in flow are just as good as 6 hours in a scattered mindset.

It’s normal, we all go through the same thing and we can practically chalk it up to any of the following:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Body doesn’t feel good
  • Not motivated
  • Too tired
  • Sluggish feels
  • Distracted
  • Can’t focus on anything

These are all the things we say when we can’t perform but what if you could hardwire your body to never feel any of the above?

In “Bulletproof Productivity Hacks For Your Best Year Ever”, Mike Dillard interviews Dave Asprey about the productivity hacks he’s discovered that allow you to keep your body and mind in its most sharpest state by making changes in your personal environment.

This is my summary of the podcast along with my main takeaways and action steps that I intend to implement.


The Bulletproof Philosophy

“Stop doing the things that make you weak, THEN start doing the things that make you strong.”

Meaning: We look at the things we’re NOT doing (not eating right, not working out enough) as the reasons we’re not feeling our best.

..but what we SHOULD be doing is instead examining our regular day-to-day activities that are causing us to self-sabotage our brains.


Takeaway #1: Electronics Are Bad

Electronics are slowly killing us – the light from our computer monitors and the radio frequencies from our phones all have an adverse effect on our bodies.

We won’t feel these effects immediately because it’s a gradual deterioration, but 10 years from now the effects will be noticeable everywhere.


Radio Frequencies

Working with radio frequencies in my time with the navy, I’m familiar with the dangers of working near powerful radars (you don’t wanna do it unless you want to get cooked from the inside out).

Never even thinking about it this way before: our phones are mini radars (because they’re constantly transmitting and receiving).

..and where do we keep our phones?

On or near our person, nearly 100% of the time.

It’s in our pockets, our bags, it’s near our heads when we sleep. Never is our phone too far from reach.

One of the body measurements Dave does on himself is a bone density scan where he found that his right femur was 10% less dense than his left.

As the right side of his body is the dominant side, that bone should have been more dense but was oddly the opposite.

What caused this?

His phone did, which was always carried in his right front pocket.

The parts of our bodies most susceptible to damage from our mini radars are the mitochondria dense areas: brain, heart, eyes, and genitals.

I’ve noticed a lot of fellow shipmates (who worked with radars) had mostly daughters and not sons. Coincidence? Maybe.


Action Step: Keep phone out of front pocket and in back pocket (or in a carried pack when possible).

Action Step: Keep phone away from head when sleeping, on airplane mode if possible.

I keep my phone on silent throughot my day regardless, so putting my phone on airplane mode at night wasn’t a difficult extra step for me to take.


Blue Light From Electronics

Light is a nutrient.

This isn’t groundbreaking news – sunlight, soaked through our eyes and skin, gives us vitamin D which has so many positive effects on our mood, our happiness, and our overall well-being.

There are high depression and suicide rates cities like Seattle and states like Alaska where they can go for long periods without sunlight.

Not all light is good for us however.

The blue light from our electronics, for example, signals our brains to be less effective in breaking down sugar which effects sleep and cellular energy production.

And this blue light bombards us constantly.

Our eyes are constantly on our phones, laptops, and TV’s and it’s a big reason why a lot of us suffer from insomnia.


Action Step: Install blue light filter on phone.

I installed Eye Filter (Blue light filter) from the Android Play Store for the sole reason that it has no ads.

Action Step: Install blue light filter on laptop.

I downloaded f.lux because it was the first one I found and it seems to work well enough.


Takeaway #2: Coconut Oil is the Real Deal

Ketosis is the sharpened mental state we’re in where our mind seems to be connecting the dots that much faster – where we feel sharp and “bulletproof”.

It’s the state when our body has enough “ketones” and it starts drawing energy from fats rather than carbs.

We can get ketones through fasting, but a hack to quickly get them without it is through the consumption of coconut oil.

However, less than 5% of coconut oil is highly concentrated in ketones and that 5% is extracted from the oil and used in the creation of Bulletproof Coffee (the remaining 95% is sold to other companies who market it as MCT oil).

Coconut oil has so many positive health benefits that are documented and written aboutover and over again so yet another benefit doesn’t surprise me so much.

While we’re on the topic, some other benefits of coconut oil that I know and personally take advantage of:

  • Detoxifier – forcefully swirl and rinse coconut oil in your mouth for ten seconds to “pull” toxins from your mouth.
  • Moisturizer – post shower, using coconut oil locks in the moisture from the water many times better than regular lotion
  • Food enhancer – this is for fellow lovers of coconut, replace all your cooking oils with coconut oil and everything tastes better.
  • Alzheimer’s prevention – published studies support coconut oil as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and it has everything to do with Ketones.


Action Step: Use more coconut oil.

I’m the ultimate coconut man. I use it post-shower, swallow some in the morning and evenings, cook with it, and also use it for oil pulling.. 

Takeaway #3: U.S. Coffee Is Probably Bad For You

Many people drink coffee but few people know about the mold levels associated with it.

All coffee has mold.

Countries like Japan, China, and those in Europe all have standards for an acceptable mold level of the coffee sold in their countries.

When coffee doesn’t pass their standards, that coffee is then sold to the U.S. because the U.S. doesn’t have any of the same standards.

So Americans are drinking the moldiest coffee on the planet and its the reason for the mid-afternoon crash and cravings.

Bulletproof coffee, however, not only holds it’s own coffee to the strict standards that the rest of the world does but also includes the concentrated 5% of coconut oil that promotes ketosis.

As mentioned earlier, being in a state of ketosis gives you that “on point” feeling but also decreases the hunger hormone while increasing the fullness hormone, which means you’re putting less snacky foods into your body because you’re not craving it.


Action Step: Ah what the heck, give Bulletproof coffee a try.


Update: on January 7, 2016, believe it or not, I had the first cup of coffee in my life, ever (I’m 32).

I shared these very notes with my sister who told me that she actually had some Bulletproof coffee in the cupboard.

I asked my future brother in law to show me how to use the coffee maker (I’ve honestly never had coffee before), brewed a pot, then had a go..

I’m not sure if this was because I’m low-tolerance with this stuff, but I felt amazing.

My brain was firing on all cylinders, I even started to bend spoons with just my thoughts (kidding).

Here’s a bit of backstory to make this even more compelling.

The night before I had spent celebrating my long time friends birthday with dinner and dancing and didn’t sleep until after 3am.

With a bit less than 5 hours of sleep, I got up to prepare for several business consultations and decided on my first coffee just to try it out.

I needed my A-game..

After hours of consulting (and changing lives one business at a time), playing football with nieces and nephews at a family party, then spent the evening at an event that lasted until past midnight, I got home in bed and wondered how the heck did I have all that energy to get through such an exhausting day without ever feeling tired/groggy/or starving?

The only thing I could think of? The cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

Personally, a little bit of caffeine goes a long way for me – a sip of 5-hour energy or a sip of Red Bull all have the power to have me bouncing off walls.

None of which however, gives me the mental sharpness that Bulletproof did.

I tried it again the next day and had even better results than the day before.

I’m convinced. Give it a shot.


Who is Dave Asprey?

  • Founder and CEO of Bulletproof
  • One of the first to sell things over the internet (millionaire in his 20’s)
  • Developed brain dystrophy and used “Smart Drugs” (aka. Nutropics) from Europe to fix it
  • Spent 4 hours a night studying human biology in order to hack it
  • “You have control over your own biology. You always did.”
  • Food cravings are your fault but you don’t know what you did to create them.

Who is behind the Self Made Man Podcast?

  • Mike Dillard, Entrepreneur from Austin, Texas
  • Built his first million dollar business at 27 through selling ebooks and his network marketing business
  • To date, his businesses have combined to mass over 50 million in revenue without outside funding

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Coffee is the #1 source of polyphenols.
  • Milk attaches to polyphenols which make them unusable by our bodies.
  • Butter, on the other hand, allows the goodness of coffee to be easier absorbed by our bodies.
  • Action step: use butter instead of cream with coffee.
  • Mitochondria, (the energy-producing organelle our cells) is hackable, and Dave outlines his entire formula in his latest book Head Strong.

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