An Oh-So-Simple Holiday Treat

Have you seen that movie, Elf?

The one with that funny Anchorman from San Diego?

Oh, wait… I’m thinkin’ of a different movie ain’t I?

Anywhoo – there’s something you can learn from jolly ol’ Saint Santa and it happens in the very beginning…

After his beloved troop of pointy eared misfits toasted eggnog to the end of another Christmas…

Saint Santa tells them:

“We’ve had another very successful year…

And after all that hard work…

it’s time to start preparations for Next Christmas!”


Who’da-thunk-it that Santa’s Workshop was a no-breaks-allowed environment?

But you wanna know sumpin’ silly?

Saint Santa got his troops fired up – they weren’t even complaining and they were actually eager to hustle…Now that’s a bit odd, ain’t it?

How does Jolly ol’ Saint Santa do that exactly? How does he fire up the troops to do the same boring work and without ever having to take a break?

He gives his pint-sized legion of workaholics what they want, of course!

The mini-men of the mystical North Pole don’t get paid in dollars, it’s “Chrisssmus Joy” they’re after…

And as long as they’re getting what they want, Saint Santa gets what he wants:

Which is a turbocharged engine for his Nimbus Sleigh 3000 and a magic-sack full of presents to deliver to the kids of our Planet Pearl…

Why don’t more hustlers do this?

Why won’t they offer what they KNOW their customers want and stop offering things that they think they want?

Maybe these would-be hustlers overcomplicate things?

Hmm… Now THAT’s something silly to ponder, ain’t it?

Let me rephrase this an eensy-weeny bit:

How do you find out what a hungry hustler wants to eat?

You ask them, don’t you?

Unless you’re a dude asking your wife, then that hungry hustler would tell you what their cravings are, right?

So asking your market what they actually want?

Could it really be that easy?


From my family to yours, Merry Christmas,

Jay D. Magpantay,
Author, Live Free & Retire Young



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