5 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Your Dream Business

I’m not a big fan of quitting. Doesn’t it sound so negative?


Who wants that label?

“I do!” yelled Absolutely No-one.

Well, Absolutely No-one, sometimes the all-seeing universe is screaming at you to get off your hass and you don’t listen. Meanwhile, your kisser’s on fire because you were sitting on a stove. Go figure.

True Story:

Recently, I pulled off the headphones and started paying attention.

I turned down the volume of the business I built and started to hear the subtle winds of change blowing against my window sill.

And bye-golly, I’m glad I heard ’em when they were a breeze (and before they spun into a hurricane) because now, I’m ready for the storm.

For the past 3 years, I’ve packed my hard hat and lunchbox and got to work in my digital consulting business where I’ve hulk-smashed all the goals I set for myself:

I now work remotely from my laptop, spend half the year traveling, and am helping people pay their bills with my skills. I’m a total nerd and every day I’m immersed in my geeky passion.

With all the perks of the job, how the heck could I consider throwing in the towel and wasting all my experience?


I don’t see it as “quitting” and instead see it as a promotion from “maintenance crew” to “head pilot”.

My expertise isn’t wasted, it’s channeled into a new venture where I’m constantly excited. And just like how the Mind Stone on Vision’s forehead shoots laser beams, my wide skillset is now super focused.

As a digital marketing consultant, I was giving my expertise and always found myself mentally exhausted when the whistle blew at the end of the day.

Today, as a book coach, I give my expertise while also getting a lot back. Since I work with coaches and consultants, my self-development game levels up with each client and that little student who dictates my brain stays satisfied because he gets to geek out on something new. At the end of these new days, I’m sad to end today and excited to start tomorrow.

A lot of good-hearted folks are stuck in a business that doesn’t serve them. Instead of taking a calculated bet on a long-shot (like they did when they first started their business), they hold onto this thing they’ve built because “it’d be a waste” if they didn’t.

If the tinkering elves in your brain have been working overtime trying to build a solution that makes the “hang ’em up” or “suck it up” decision for you, read on.

Because here are 5 reasons that beg you to upgrade your old dream business into a new one and if none of these apply to you, suck it up and get back to work!


5 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Your Dream Business


1. Your business exhausts you instead of energizes you

You started your business because it was a fun way to make money.

When you find yourself dreading your work and when your paydays don’t thrill you like they once used to, that’s a stellar sign from Zeus Almighty that it’s time to move on. If you’re relieved to end today and fear the thought of tomorrow, then that time passed for you a long time ago. Start planning your exit strategy yesterday.


2. Your friends keep telling you to “take breaks”

You might not see that you’re trying to fit a circle into a triangle, you’re too close to the puzzle. Your friends? They have a bird’s eye view and they’re looking at you thinking, “Nope, that’s not working and it’s never going to”.

They’ll passively try to help and won’t tell you directly that your business is killing you. Instead, they’ll say things like:

  • “you always look tired”
  • “you’ve been stressed out a lot lately”
  • “you get rejuvenated when you relax for a bit”

If the people closest to you are starting to see your business as Kryptonite that drains life outta you, it’s time to get a homie’s honest opinion. Ask them direct questions about what they think about your business and you might be surprised when they confirm what you’re already thinking.


3. You don’t see yourself doing it long-term

Like sitting on a pile of burning charcoal, there’s never a good time to own a business that you don’t plan on growing for the long-haul. Why waste your time?


4. You wonder what else you could be doing

Your business might not be a downer but it’s also not an upper.

If your head’s in the clouds, thinking about what life would be like if only you could (fill in the blank)? Guess what Donald Duck, that’s exactly how you felt when you started your business in the first place.

You had these thoughts of rollin’ in the cheddar while having a blast with your business. And when you were having hobbits-on-a-quest type of fun, you weren’t thinking about the next best thing because you were already living the best there was. If those glory days are gone and you’re daydreaming all over again, it’s time for a shakeup.


5. You’re reading this post

Hey, let’s face it. You wouldn’t be here if you were head-over-heels in love with your business, would you?


Before Quitting Your Business

So what’s the verdict? Does your state align with two of the above? All of the above?

I don’t gotta tell you to do your research before you quit your dream business, be smart (and I mean, financial planner smart).

If your business is supporting you and your family and it makes more than 50% of your income, plan things out like you did before. It’ll be easier this time because you know how to win and who once was a starry-eyed padawan is now a Jedi Master at building a successful business.

If you’re still lost and don’t know if you should take the red pill or the blue pill, grab a quarter (heads you stay, tails you go) and flip it to the clouds. While it’s in the air, pay attention to your gut feeling because while that silver is spinning in the sky, a part of you will be rooting for one or the other.

When the coin lands, forget what the quarter says and go with your gut.

Good luck.

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