5 Must-Have Elements Of An Effective Marketing Funnel

Everyone loves Snapchat because of the silly filters, it’s relaxed feel, and its overall high “fun” factor…

Do I use it?

Yes — who doesn’t love puppy faces and dancing hot dogs?

There’s nothing bad about Snapchat, but today, you’ll find me mostly goofin’ off on my Instagram story

Maybe I’m influenced by my Thai girlfriend (I’ve learned that all Thai girls to be semi-pro photographers), or maybe because Instagram’s proven to be an easy way for me to bond with my audience.

Since it’s easier to add people on IG vice on Snapchat (Snapchat users are private unless you search for their exact username or snapcode), I have more followers on IG and therefore my message is seen by more people.

Instagram also married Facebook, which is still the world’s largest social media platform, and they’ve already started to integrate the two — Instagram ads are controlled and created inside Facebook, IG stories can now be simultaneously posted to your “day” on Facebook.

IG’s story feature, released earlier this year, is basically the same as Snapchat’s story where people post candid flicks and vids that disappear in 24 hours.

I’ve been using it because I have fun dropping knowledge bombs on people who would otherwise never know of me; knowledge bombs that entrepreneurs can use to grow their hustle (plus it’s no secret that I’m addicted to messages like you’ll see below).

For example, this weekend I shared a few “talking-head” clips describing the 5 Must-Have Elements Of An Effective Marketing Funnel and this is a sample of the replies I got:



(unless you account’s private, people everywhere can freely see what’s on your Instagram story so only post what you want to be known for)

By simply sharing what I know about marketing funnels, I create situations that can lead to making sales, finding clients, and boosting my authority as a thought-leader in the industry.

Some people feel it’s a chore to do this and that it’s a waste of time.

Let’s just fast forward and get to the answer of the question you’re already wondering — is it worth it?

For anyone who has a business they’re trying to grow, my answer is YES.

Here’s why:

  • Even if you have a small following, you’re building a good habit of demonstrating your expertise.
  • You learn to deliver your message in a simple and summarized way since Instagram stories are delivered in short clips instead of continuous videos.
  • You grow your following – the same way people use hashtags to find posts they’re looking for, they can find your story.
  • There’s zero pressure to being perfect – your story disappears after 24 hours which gives you the freedom to reveal your true and playful self.
  • You learn how to explain topics in a much simpler way for newbies to understand so you become a better teacher

Of course, if you don’t have a business then feel free to keep sharing your alien-eye selfies and panda bear kisses on Snapchat, but for people who want to drive traffic to their business, IG Stories can help.

(Notice I said help and didn’t say vital. My stance on social media is that it’s a tool to build rapport, but if you’re gonna focus on just one strategy, list building is the most important).

I generally just love talking about sales and marketing so for me this is pretty easy, but how can you use Instagram story for your business?

By simply giving value to your ideal customer — you never know who’s watching.

Even something simple as sharing a chapter summary in the book you’re reading is enough to give value to your followers…

A summary of an article you read while on the train…

A story of how you overcame a specific problem…

A resource that you love and recommend all the time…

And the occasional #foodporn pics are always welcomed since my fat soul loves ’em.

All it takes is a bit of creativity to see the value in everyday occurrences.


Anyway, let me share quickly what the 5 Must-Have Elements Of An Effective Marketing Funnel are so you too can get that knowledge bomb in case you missed it. By the way, to give credit where credit is due, this is based on tips I got from Jason Hornung.

  1. A Solid Offer – The first thing you have to look at is what you’re selling. If you’re selling sh*t, then no one’s gonna buy it because they can get that from their own toilets. Make sure what you sell is something people want and that people are already paying for similar products.
  2. A Persuasive Sales Message – If you don’t know how to write persuasive copy, please hire someone for this. You’ll pay quite a bit for this service, but you’ll get a much better return on all future marketing dollars spent.
  3. A Vehicle To Deliver That Sales Message – Whether that be a sales letter, video, webinar, or in-person sales staff, you need to determine the most effective way to deliver your sales message. This will hugely depend on the price point and complexity of your offer.
  4. A Method To Capture Lead Info With Follow-Up – Most people will NOT take you up on your offer when they first hear about it. They WILL, however, buy from you when you introduce scarcity. Collecting lead info and a timely follow-up is vital to delivering scarcity, urgency, and staying on top of mind.
  5. Advertising – Ads that pre-frame, pre-qualify, and pre-sell your offer. This is the final element. Only when you have all 4 previous elements should you even start to consider advertising. Blindly boosting posts on Facebook without having elements 1-4 is like throwing dollar bills into a cup that’s 10 feet away from you, hoping that some of those bills fall in. Having all 4 elements before you spend money on advertising also means you can measure your marketing (more on that in a second).

I realize that this might seem a bit confusing so let’s go down this process backward and from the other side as if you were the customer:

5. It’s Monday and you see a Facebook ad about a free business seminar happening on Thursday in your neighborhood.

4. You click the link and arrive at a seminar registration page. You register for the event by giving your email address.

3. You received follow-up emails that reminded you to attend the seminar, which is great because it’s only Tuesday and you’ve already forgotten about it.

2. It’s Thursday and you get a final reminder with directions to the venue. At the event, the presenter teaches his business principles then offers his coaching program for those interested.

1. You don’t join his program, but you loved the presenter’s personality, his teaching style, and what he stood for (no sale is made)

Bonus: After a year of reading his weekly emails, following him, and watching his Instagram story,  you finally decide it’s time to get into his program because you’ve tried growing your business on your own yet still can’t get the results you want (a sale is made).

That last bonus step is the most likely scenario but as you might’ve missed, the example above is measurable.

Crossing back to the seller’s side and sticking to the same example, here’s what “measurable” looks like:

5. You started with a Facebook advertising budget of $1,000.00 dollars.

4. You used it to capture 200 leads at $5.00 each.

3. Of those 200 people who registered, 100 of them actually made it to your seminar.

2. Of those 100 people in the audience, 20 people joined your program that you sold for $500 each

1. You just made $10,000 off of a $1,000 advertising budget

These are simplified numbers to illustrate this point – once you have a marketing funnel, your entire business revolves around making small, incremental improvements to your numbers.

Tiny improvements in your funnel equal huge improvements to your bottom line.

In the example above, getting your lead costs down by only $1 results in $2,500 more profit.

Are you getting this?

Knowing your numbers will set you free.

Which metrics to keep track of and how to improve them are another topic…

But if you like this article, share it with your business partner or favorite entrepreneur to save them a boat-load of heartache.

More knowledge bombs to come…

…Stay tuned!

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