3 Steps To Your Life’s Greatest Breakthrough

Tim Robbins Podcast. First Aired 11/29/2016, run time: 39:46

The Concept

The way you approach your goals, beliefs about your life, and your mental game, form the foundation for any success or failure.

By learning to control these forces you can take massive action and can create the quality of life you always wanted.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

The story we tell ourselves serves to protect us but also traps us.

Many people use the lines “I didn’t have ______” where blank is some type of resource (money, know the right people, not born into the right family, etc.)

However, a lack of resources is NEVER the problem, it’s the lack of RESOURCEFULNESS where emotion is the ultimate resource.

3 Keys To Your Breakthrough From Least Important to Most Important

  1. Strategy
  2. Story
  3. State

Takeaway #1 – Strategy Is The Least Important

The strategy is important but not the most important.

In any scenario with life and business, a well thought out strategy can steer a person or company in the right direction.

But give that same strategy to someone who isn’t in the right mind for success and that strategy means absolutely nothing.

We can simplify this even further by giving two sets of identical business instructions to two individuals and see what happens.

Same steps, same instructions, but often times, very different results.

This is apparent in practically every network marketing opportunity out there.

The top leaders don’t do anything different than the guys just starting out, the leaders just have an intense fire within them that doesn’t stop them from holding themselves back from trying different things to grow their business.

 Takeaway #2 – Your Story Is A Limiting Factor

Your State is the most important key to your breakthrough and your Story is the most important key to your State.

Most successful people have a tendency to look towards their future, as to what their life will soon look like.

Most unsuccessful people, however, tend to look backward at what happened in their past as if it was still relevant to what’s going today.

If you’re driving forward towards the future but you’re looking in the rearview mirror, you’re gonna crash.

The story you tell yourself as to why you’re not yet successful is killing your hunger and killing your drive:

  • “I never had money for college.”
  • “I’m not lucky enough to have friends in high places.”
  • “No one took the time to show me the way.”
  • “I didn’t know how to do that before.”
  • “My parents never did that for me like other parents did.”

Instead, it’s imperative that we drop this negative limiting mindset and instead focus on the factors in life that we can control (like the future) and not focus on things that we can’t (like the past).

Decisions NOT conditions determine your destiny.

Takeaway #3 – Stay in a State Of Excitement

If you do what you did at the beginning of your relationship, then at the end of the relationship, there won’t be an end.

Energy, motivation, inspiration – these things come into our lives easy but leave just as quick.

Often times a new project is taken on with excitement (relationships included). Then after awhile, things start to get boring and repetitive to the point where you lose the same fervor that you had when you first started. This is natural, it happens all the time in many scenarios of life.

Bored of material things, bored of your day-to-day, bored of relationships.

If you can maintain that State where you’re excited about anything you’re doing, whether that be growing a family, growing a business, or advancing your career, you will be unstoppable.


Action step: Focus on what you want in the future and work backward from that.

If you want to become the CEO of your company, what are some things a CEO might enjoy? Less time in the office and more time for family? More leadership responsibility? Nicer office, home, car?

Then consider the steps the current CEO had to take to get there. Was she part of certain organizations, does she have particular degrees, what experience does she have, what are some of her accolades?

As you create the steps you need to take and as you walk down that path, maintain your excitement by always keeping the vision of your future self on top of mind.



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