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Hi, I'm Jay.
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And I'm the wizard who helps leaders grow their influence and get more clients with books.

Here's my story:

I was a coach back in the day...

A business coach who couldn't get any business (oh, the irony) ...
"I was using every trick in the book"...
I was...
  •  Blogging
  •  Video-making
  •  Tweeting
  •  Status-updating
  •  Networking
  •  Facebook-Advertising
And my result? 

Tired nights with no new clients and an even thinner wallet than when I started.


How could I get clients when all of a sudden, everyone's coaching?

Full of doubts and depression, I nearly gave up my passion for copywriting and sales funnels...
"Until one day, I met an author..."
He showed me how a book would lift my brand as an expert and how I could write it in a way where it didn't have to take 10 years to finish...

I followed his advice, wrote my book and used a cleaver launch strategy to reach a massive new audience...

And as predicted...

My book changed everything!
  •  I've been asked to host seminars in several cities
  •  Been an interview-guest for TV and radio
  •  Consulted with Fortune 500 companies 
  •  Sought by influencers from three continents
  •  Raised my caliber of client
  •  And am now spending most of the year traveling since I work remotely from my laptop
"I recommend Book Writing to everyone because NOTHING else has made a bigger difference for my brand."
And the surprising thing about writing a book — is that it's easy!

I wrote my book in 28 days and others finished even faster...

And here's the not-so-secret you need to know:

You'll never get the "green light" to write your book if you wait.


And for the rest of your life, you'll wish you wrote it sooner.
  •  If you've already written a book and want my help to leverage it to get more clients, contact me directly.
  •  If you want to start but you've never written ANYTHING before or don't have the time, join my free workshop and discover my steps to writing your first best-selling book in 6 weeks or less by clicking the big orange button below.
Boost Your Brand Outreach In 3 Steps
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  • 1.   Target Your Audience   (Get Laser-Focused)
You want to serve as many people as you can so you offer as many services as you can — a noble intention but a common mistake.

The problem is that being a Jack of many Trades terrifies clients. 

Think of it this way, would you get eye surgery from a overall-wellness doctor or an eye surgeon? Absolutely not!

Don't generalize, SPECIALIZE! 

Focus on serving ONE audience by helping them solve ONE problem — your marketing gets easier, clients find you easier, your entire business gets easier.

Of all the steps we'll take together, this one is the most important.
  • 2.   Stand Tall on the Highest Peak   (Craft Your Brand Strategy)
Once we're clear on who we're serving, let's supercharge your brand so that it's clear that nobody else can do what you do. 

Even if you're in an industry where there are thousands of competitors...

Or if your process is the same as everyone else's...

There are ALWAYS clever and untapped ways we can brand you to be irresistably unique in your industry.

Here are some strategies we'll use to do this:

— Borrow brand equity from well-known brands or influencers
— Instill confidence in your prospects by presenting your powers in persuasive fashion
— Share previous accomplishments in a manner designed to convince and attract
— Demonstrate past heroics through client testimonials
— Quickly build the ultimate weapon to gain credibility, visibility, & authority in a market that's full of similar "experts" and "heroes" (WRITE A BOOK!)
  • 3.   Let Your Brand Do The Work   (Leverage Your Brand)
Finally, let's utilize a proven marketing strategy that leverages your freshly minted "Superhero" status so that your clients can easily find you. 

With your ultimate branding tool (book), we'll build a robust online asset (automated sales funnel) that invokes curiosity in your message and converts that curiosity into burning-hot desire for what you offer.

Your funnel will quickly transform casual window-shoppers into superfans that are ready to join your crusade for a better tomorrow.
Here's What To Do Next
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I work with experts who are ready to help clients on a wider scale and take their skills to the next level.

Work with me to get a complete online sales system that drives your marketing and let me be your super sidekick who'll do all the heavy lifting (building and setting up the system for you)...

All I ask you to do is to serve your clients on the highest level so that the world becomes a better place with happier people, one client at a time...

If you're tired of getting disappointing results with strategies that don't work, focus on your expertise and contact me directly so that I can help you with mine (my contact info is at the bottom of this page).

If you're a coach or consultant and are ready launch your business with a book, use my "Branded Bestseller" system to get it done easy. Click the big orange button below to find out how.
"If you're looking to either start, grow, or scale an online business and you have the opportunity to work with Jay on a personal one-on-one basis, I'd encourage you to reach out to him.

A simple phone conversation with him will give you clarity on what the next thing to do in your business is, and he'll be able to introduce you, no doubt, to all the resources, and the people and the programs that you're gonna need to access if you're serious about making an income online and turning that into a full time business, I can't endorse or recommend Jay highly enough." 

Drew Innes, Top Performance Coaching
My Mission:
To empower leaders with the strategies they need to connect with their ideal clients and create "win-win" scenarios for all happy humans involved. 
Get the widespread visibility & authority that comes with being a published author,
click below to discover the simple steps for writing a book fast.
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